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Grow Your Garden with Sal

We want to get everyone growing. Do you want to help us on this journey?

65% of Richland County is diabetic or pre-diabetic. SC's kids are eating garbage! We want to promote gardening in every way we can and the Point Radio Station is giving us a voice.

Our new radio show is all about gardening, healthy eating, and promoting local farms and businesses.  Do you have a farm or business and want to help us out? If so we want to give you a voice too.

We are looking for 8 advertisers to join us on this journey. Grow Your Garden with Sal has 19,000 followers, 1000 YouTube subscribers, and 3000 website subscribers. The Point has a large Columbia and surrounding area reach. 

Advertise with us and I will shout our name so hard that they can hear a mile away. Let's work together on this, and get our listeners growing.

We have a spot for eight, advertisers. You will get...

  • YOUR BUSINESS will run a :30 spot twice every  Saturday from 8am-9am on Grow your Garden with Sal!

  • Someone from YOUR BUSINESS will be interviewed during a program every month for 10 minutes on Grow your Garden with Sal!

  • All of your spots will also be streamed on

  • We will also upload the radio broadcast to our YouTube channel, Grow your Garden with Sal!

  • We will promote you though the Sal's email list and facebook page too!

Email us at or text us at 803-786-6546. Thank you.


Please email us for more information. We also have a sponsorship if you don't have a business or farm and want to help us teach gardening. 



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