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  • I love getting away from the farm and visiting folks like you. 


    Garden Questions like- Where is the best spot to put my garden? Should I plant in the ground or in beds? What should I do to my soil?


    How do I make my compost "cook"?


    How can I get bees to visit my garden? What pests should I worry about?


    Is this a good weed or a bad weed?


    My garden didn't produce well this year, WHY?


    These are just a few questions that I have the answers for.  Let me spend an hour and a half with you, and go over your concerns and questions.


    We will have a blast!


    Please note that the price is based on your place being within 15 miles of Sal's. If you are farther, I can give you a mileage quote. Thank you!

    Garden Consultation

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