• Growing HorseRadish is fun and easy. It does well in containers. 


    When you get your root, go ahead and place in the fridge until you are ready to plant. 


    Plant from January 17th to March 2nd.


    This plant can be a little invasive, so if you don't want it taking over,  a container is best.


    Get some high quality potting soil, like our Sungro 3 B.  Mix your soil with some Black Kow in a 1 part to 1 part ratio. 


    Plant one root per container. 


    Plant your roots at a 45-degree angle.  The widest part of the root should stick up.


    Be patient as it may take a month or more before you see action. ( This is the same for asparagus roots.)


    Your plant most likely will not go dormant in SC. You will know it is ready when the leaves change from rounded to jagged and you can smell horseradish strongly. 


    Just dig it up and enjoy. 


    You get two roots with your order. 

    HorseRadish- Get two roots & watch it grow