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  • What is pasty butt?

    Pasty Butt is a condition where baby chick's poo

    stick to their bottoms, preventing the chick from



    Pasty Butt Causes:

    *Temperature changes and stress in shipping

    *Using an artificial heat source which can not replicate the heat and humidity that a mother hen provides.


    How does Pasty Butt Help?

     The finely ground corn works together with probiotics to keep everything running smoothly.

    How do you feed?

    Place one teaspoon on top of high-quality starter grower chick feed, per every six chicks, each day for the first two weeks. If you see pasty butt on one of your older chicks, you can add it to their feed for a week. 


    A jar contains eight ounces of solution, enough for six chicks for two weeks.  The first two weeks are the most critical time period.


    Make sure your bulb in your chick pen is not too hot! Make sure that the chicks can move away from the heat. They will self-regulate. 

    *** Always wipe off their bottoms if you see pasty butt. Use a moist warm rag to clean them. 

    Pasty Butt Solution

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