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  • Sal's is the local spot for plants, seeds, produce, and knowledge. We don't just sell you the seeds and plants- we tell you when and how to plant them. We are a local hang-out for gardeners from all backgrounds and experience levels.


    We are known for our high-quality seeds and plant starts. The demand for plants has far exceeded the space that we have to grow them in. One reason for the demand is that the big box stores have veggie starts, such as cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes in singles for over 4.00 per plant. They have stopped selling six-packs.


    We have over 500 backyard farmers within a 10-mile radius of our store, located in North Columbia.


    We need a greenhouse to be able to continue to help the community with their garden needs and to meet the demand that is out there.


    Our goal for the greenhouse is to grow more veggie starts, have an area for teaching, and also an area for local growers to start plants to retail here at Sal's.


    We have 18,000 followers on Facebook. If each of our followers gave just 2.00, we would have our greenhouse this year!


    If we have helped you out in any way, given you some advice along the way, entertained you, please consider helping us grow.


    We appreciate your contribution.

    Sal's Greenhouse Fund

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