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SAL is on the A-List. What does that mean? She gets rare seeds because she's done her due diligence.

SAL is on the A-List. What does that mean? She's at the top-of-the-list for rare seeds. Sals has done her due diligence with XX experience in the industry. 

Calling all horticulture nerds to learn what rare things are coming next. Fill out the form to special request your seeds. Sal will do her best to fulfill all requests, but on a first come first serve basis.

Sal's Local, Non-GMO Garden Box

Sal is a seventh generation homesteader that has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Sal's Local Garden Box provides you with local varieties of seeds and products picked especially for South Carolina's unique soil and climate.  The box offers detailed instructions and online help. An all-in-one course in gardening delivered to your door every month. Don't let gardening become a lost art.

Seed mail in order form 

Download the forms from the buttons below. Fill out the forms and upload the forms to the portal.

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