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Why Hummingbird Feeders are a MUST for the Garden

Working With Nature

Why Hummingbird Feeders are a Must

For The Garden

Hummingbird feeders are multifunctional and great to have in the garden for two reasons. Hummingbirds are territorial by nature, and will dive bomb rabbits and even deer that enter the garden for a little snack. Don't worry, they may dive bomb you too, but as soon as they see you are the filler of the feeder, they will quickly become your friend.

A little-known extra benefit of hummingbird feeders is that the bees will be attracted to the sugar water. As you know bees are the pollinators. Without bees, you will have no squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, corn, zucchini, to name a few vegetables that rely on bees.

So hang your hummingbird feeder about 4 feet above your garden and watch the bees go to work at pollinating and the hummingbirds go to work chasing off the bunnies.

Be sure to plant flowers, especially red petunias around your vegetables to attract bees. It's also great to have a separate flower garden for the bees and hummingbirds to enjoy. You can also put out a shallow dish of water, filled with marbles so the bees can quench their thirst or take a dip without drowning.

Be sure not to use red dye in your humming bird feeder as they have nasty chemicals that are not good for bees nor hummingbirds.

Use this recipe: mix 4 parts water, to one part sugar. Change out every few days so the mixture doesn't turn rancid.

Stay away from chemical pesticides in your garden or at least use sparingly. Never dust any blooms. Squash bugs are dealt with best by just locating and destroying their eggs before they hatch. You will see the eggs on the underside of your squash leaves and on other vegetables. When you water the garden, you will see the adult squash bugs rise to the top of the leaves. Flip them into a cup full of soapy water and dispose of them.

By working working together with nature, we are helping the environment, using less chemicals and as an added bonus, we get to watch beautiful hummingbirds fill our garden. We get to hear the music of the bees. And we get to exist in harmony.

Everyone who signs up for a garden seed box this month will receive a free hummingbird feeder, along with, of course, local, Non GMO Seed and fun instructions and tips! What more could you ask for? Click Here for more information- cancel anytime.

Happy Gardening.

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