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How To Grow Radishes

Radishes are Easy Peasy

Radishes are a gardener's saving grace, especially for any newbie gardeners because they are so easy to grow. So easy that you would have to work really hard to mess this crop up.

They also make in as little as twenty five days! If I could insert a “Wow” smiley face emoji here- I would. Another plus- they grow well in poor soil, as long as there is sufficient drainage.

Radishes need full sun to grow, and they grow well during the colder months. You can plant them anytime between October, all the way to the end of February because our winters are usually so mild here in South Carolina.

Radish seeds are small and round. The height of the seed is also how deep you want to plant them, so not very deep. Cover them with only about a couple centimeters of dirt. Space your seeds around two to three inches apart.

Radishes need less water than most root crops, and also a little less fertilizer. I like well rounded fertilizer like 6-7-7 for most of my root crops. Instead of a whole pinch of fertilizer, use a half of a pinch every three weeks for your radishes. Fertilize only after your radish tops are an inch tall.

You can plant and replant radishes in fall, winter and in early spring. Have fun with them by planting several different varieties. The brightly colored watermelon radish is one of my favorites. They also come in a variety of colors such as bright red, white, and even black. Black radishes would be great with orange carrots for Halloween.

Always have fun in your garden and try new things. Plant a little often so you don't get overwhelmed. Gardening is almost a lost art. Learn, experiment, try new things and techniques and most importantly, Let's Get Growing South Carolina.

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Hi Yield All purpose Fertilizer is great for ROOT CROPS. Come by Sal's located at 7989 Winnsboro Rd, Columbia, SC or click link below to order.

This fertilizer is great for onions, beets, radishes, carrots, and more. And a little goes a long way. People who are successful gardeners feed their crops. Most crops need to be fed every three weeks for best results.

My favorite soil to use is the Sungro Fafard 3B Mix. You can purchase this at Sal's. Find out more about this mix by clicking the picture.

Get your garden bed off right by using the right mixes. It may be a little expense at first, but you can reuse the beds over and over again. Just add in a few bags of Black Kow yearly.

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