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Planting Indoor Succulents

What is a succulent?

Succulents are plants that retain water. They make great indoor plants, but need the sunlight from your window or an artificial light to grow. As a general rule, they do not like cool weather. During the summer months you can bring these plants outside.

This month, we will be growing succulents from seed. Start by choosing your container. This is your chance to get creative. You can use jars, small or large, and make up a terrarium or plant them in cute little mini pots. You can even put a string around your mini jar and make a living necklace. The possibilities are endless.

In your Sal's Garden Box, you will find a seed mixture of colorful succulents. Be careful the seeds are very, very tiny. You will also find a little bit of soil.

Succulents are very picky about their soil. In your Sal's Garden Box, you will find enough soil to make your mini terrarium. If you want to plant in larger containers, make sure to purchase a potting soil made especially for cactus.

After you have chosen your container, it's time to plant. If making a terrarium, fill your container half way up with soil. If using a pot, fill soil to the top.

Next it's time for the seeds. Since the seeds are so tiny, use tweezers to gently pick up each seed. I suggest planting 3 seeds in your tiny container. Larger containers can have more seeds.

It will be crowed in your mini bottle, if all three seeds come up, but usually just one or two will. Depending on your ability to reach into the container, you may choose to thin some of your plants out.

Place your seeds right on top of the dirt. The size of the seed usually dictates how much dirt to place over the seeds. These little tiny miracles of plant growth are almost non existent. You can barely see them, so don't cover them. Just let them be.

Think of nature. When a plant goes to seed, no one is out there burying the seeds. This is one of the most common reasons seeds don't come up. They are buried too deep.

Burying seeds are important to protect again the elements, but since your succulents will be inside, they are less likely to dry up, get eaten or be blown away.

Next water gently, but well. We have included a cute little mini bottle sprayer in your Sal's Garden Box to help you out.

If planting in a jar, close it up to retain water. If in a pot, you can cover the top with plastic wrap to help keep the soil moist.

After planting, your succulents will need a lot of water, but after they gain some size, less is more. They will begin storing water in their leaves., like a camel does in his hump, or I do when I have snacked on too many potato chips.

Succulents need sunlight. Place your newly planted seeds in your window, sun room or be sure to have some sort of artificial light.

Have fun with your succulents. I can't wait to see some of your creative growing containers. Share them on facebook with us at Sal's Garden Box.

Order your cactus mix here. Soil is the most important factor in growing succulents.

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