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The Most Common Gardening Mistake

Every year, on Good Friday, people crowd their local garden shops in order to buy tomato, cucumber and pepper plants. And then again, as soon as you flip the calendar to August, gardeners are purchasing their fall plants such as broccoli, cabbage and collards. So what's wrong with this?

Plenty. There is plenty wrong with this. Good Friday 2018 fell on March 30th. That week saw night temperatures from the twenties to the thirties. The temperatures at night need to be no lower than fifty degrees for almost two weeks in order for the ground temperatures to rise.

It is very easy to get the early planting bug. Everyone's grandma planted on Good Friday. It's almost a law in South Carolina, however don't blame your bad luck on bad plants or poor gardening skills. It is just too cold to start planting your warm weather crops in March.

Likewise, in gardening centers around the state, phones start ringing off the hook on August the first. “Do you have any collard plants?” The first day of August 2018, was a sweltering ninety degrees- not a good day to start your winter crops.

Plant your winter crops when the day time temperatures begin to cool to around seventy two degrees for a few weeks.

If you have given up on gardening, frustrated, and thinking you are just not a good gardener- why not give it another try? Unfortunately, too many people plant by the calendar, and not by the weather.

Remember also that South Carolina has a long summer and winter growing season, so plant something each month. As always- Get Growing South Carolina.

Do you want to join in some great gardening FUN?

Follow our blog , in order to keep up to date with what to plant when. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on everything.

We also offer a gardening course, complete with the seeds, directions and other fun gifts. What is extra great about Sal's Garden Box- is that you have a little to plant each month, so you don't get overwhelmed. The above picture is of my nephew Colton. This is what came in the October Box.

Colton was so excited to harvest lettuce every day from his creation. And LOOK- it takes up like NO ROOM. Anyone can grow, no matter how small your area is.

For more information, Click Here.

Give the gift of growing this season. Order a love one Sal's Garden Box. We also have gift certificates.

Sal's is partnering with Crazy Chic Heritage Farm in order to give you the whole farm experience. Check out their site for farm tour dates. Know where your food come from.

Come by the farm during a tour and check out the pigs, chicks, goats, horses and more.

Crazy Chic Heritage Farm raises a rare pig call the KuneKune. They are soooooooooooooo

stink'n cute.

Abbie and family will be providing the chicks, and Sal's will be providing the feed, and other supplies.

Don't go anywhere else. We have you covered.

We will show you a fool proof way to raise your chicks.

You can't get that at tractor supply.

Our chicks are healthy. Our feed is affordable and high quality. Our shavings are incredible. You get a WHOLE 40lbs for only 6.00.

The other store sells a wimpy bag for the same price.

Keep it local and keep small stores and farms like Crazy Chic Heritage Farm open by coming by. We need you and you need us. Much Love, Sal & those cute little baby pigs

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