Your February Garden

Warm Your Heart With Soup This February

Februarey is a great month to plant your heart warming soup garden. Potatoes, onions, sugar peas, carrots, turnips and beets, can all be planted right now.

The very first comment that I usually get is, “But won't it freeze?” Northern winters are winters. South Carolinian's whine with a little bit of cold. I know, because I am one of those whiners.

My friend in West Virginia is constantly shoveling snow. Most states above South Carolina, receive a excessive dose of winter. Luckily for us, we just get a spoonful.

Plants really suffer when the ground freezes. Our temperatures dipping down to 13 degrees for a night and then back up to 65 degrees during the day, prevents our ground from freezing, here in South Carolina. This also keeps the ground perfect for

our cold weather plants.

Repeat after me. Cold weather plants like cold weather. One more time- cold weather plants like cold weather.

Our cold weather plants do not like hot weather and warm days, and these warm days are coming soon. As of January 27- you have about 13 weeks of cool weather left.

Cold weather crop seeds need to be planted now in order to make. Seedlings, or transplants will be available around the first week of February.

Cabbage and collards are some of the most popular crops to buy as seedlings. You can also plant them by seed.