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South Carolina Weather is Such A TEASE

Scarlett O' Hara could be warm and inviting, and the next second show a sharp tongue that could leave the most confident of a man, humbled, tucking his tail in defeat. Mrs. Scarlett and South Carolina's weather could be twin debutantes, both wearing the same dress to the ball.

If our weather was a debutante, she would be constantly changing dresses. A nice cool blue dress in the morning, and maybe a bright yellow in the afternoon. That night she could wear a warm orange, or she could change to a harsher, colder blue, to match her personality- or temperatures.

Last week, she teased us with her sunny yellow dress for sure. We have all been bitten with planting fever. Spring has sprung. But our dear weather is a tease. She's dancing around with a matching fan, alluring us into the garden to plant our tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and other spring plants.

However, she's about to turn.

The weather is predicted to turn cold yet again. Her dress is changing and if you have planted your spring garden, you are about to feel her wrath.

I am hoping our weather will soon have and keep that warm inviting smile, and yellow dress. Just hold onto them horses a little bit longer, it'll be time to plant before you know it.

So wait for that ground to warm up. It takes a few weeks of the night temperatures not dropping down under fifty eight degrees for the ground to warm to an agreeable temperature. If you plant early, your plants will just sit there, and may even get burnt or stunted.

Our dear lady will soon be wearing her summer best, with a warm smile, that of course will turn into a scour as our temperatures rise into the hundreds in July. You have to be quite the gardener to put up with such a high maintenance lady like our dear, lovely, always changing, sometimes scornful South Carolina weather. You love her. You hate her. Gardening in South Carolina is always a fun challenge. Let's get growing.

Check out our monthly box. We only have a few more left. This box comes complete with the seeds, directions, and fun gifts. The directions are specifically for SC crazy weather conditions.

Get your's today and become an expert grower in no time. This box is great for the urban grower.

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