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Planning Your Fall Garden

Our early fall's weather, in South Carolina would melt a snowman in as little as five seconds. The heat and humidity are enough to keep anyone inside. Your peppers, squash, zucchini and tomatoes are probably looking a little sad due to the extreme heat. Fortunately, they can gain their second wind as the temperatures start to lower.

Tomatoes and peppers don’t like to set fruit of the temperatures are over 78 degrees at night. If you can baby them some during this heat wave, you will be surprised at how much fruit that they will give you during the fall. They will pretty much keep baring until the temperatures dip into the low 60’s.

Collards, broccoli, cabbage and your other greens can be planted now, but if the temperatures sore- you will need to offer them some extra water, and also maybe offer them a little shade from the afternoon sun. You can either plant them in buckets so that they can be moved around the yard, or you can rig your own shade using deck umbrellas. Another option is to place a cinder block at the end of each row and take plyboard and place on top to offer shade. Your plants will benefit greatly by shading them from the hot afternoon sun- which is from 12-5.

Keep in mind that you can plant most of your greens all fall and winter long. We have a lengthy growing season here in South Carolina. Your greens don’t mind and light frost and taste better in the cool temperatures. You can plant your winter garden from September to February.

Make it a goal to plant a little something each month. That way, you will enjoy a harvest all winter long. Don't be afraid to plant some crops from seed,. We can show you how. As always, let’s get growing South Carolina.

Come see us soon!


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