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A man came into our little seed shop one day and said, “It’s just a no-good lazy man that wouldn’t hoe his garden.” He was referring to several rows of corn out by the road that had gotten grown up by weeds.

What this man didn’t know is that the no-good lazy man that wouldn’t hoe his garden, had one of his drivers in the hospital, and two broke down freight shakers.

He owned a small trucking company and started working extra odd jobs on the weekend so he could buy parts to fix the freight liners, as well as covering his work at his company and covering his sick employee/friend’s shift too. This left his corn un hoed.

The man that didn’t have time to hoe his garden was my Pop’s.

The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Too many times we pass a quick judgment, write someone off and put them in a box that they may not belong in.

Schrodinger’s Cat is a famous thought experiment where physicist Erwin Schrodinger described how a cat in a box could be both dead and alive. How can a cat be dead and alive? Well, it depends on what side you are arguing. It is not until someone opens the box that the cat’s state can be measured.

And that’s my thought for today. Happy Gardening.


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