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Launch of Our Garden Box

Garden Box

Thank you for visiting Sal's Ol' Timey Feed and Seed, the only feed and seed store remaining in Columbia, SC. Please look around our site; we have a lot going on – online and offline. We are proud to announce the launch of our website. Here you can learn about Sal's SC Garden Box, cruise through our list of free gardening classes, gain knowledge from our blog, and start a community by sharing pictures of your gardens.

Sal's has chosen varieties of seeds that grow in our awesome state of South Carolina. In store, we weigh up seed, right in front of you- like they did in your Grandma's day. Our seed is harvested right here, by the sweat of good ol' American farmers. (None of that GMO mess here!) We sell only Non-GMO plants and seeds. Some seeds we sell are lima beans, peas, corn, zucchini, squash, several types of cucumbers, string beans, and of course all your winter must-haves seeds like mustard, collards, green peas, turnips, kale, and so much more.

Sal's South Carolina Garden Box is a great way to sample our seeds and for beginner gardeners to learn the art of gardening. You see, it's not just a box of seeds, it's a gardening class in a box. Each month's delivery includes seeds you can plant within the month with detailed directions and tips. You will also receive unique gardening gifts as well as something for the bee's (when they are buzz'n). Recieve valuable coupons for exclusive offerings that you can redeem at our store, especially, during the Spring and Fall planting season to purchase local, non-GMO plants. In the spring, you will find at Sal's, several unique tomato varieties. Everything from my favorite heirloom tomato, the Cherokee Purple to new and improved hybrid tomatoes like the Amelia and the Cherokee Carbon. Some other variations are Brandywine, Parks Whopper, Beef Master, Black Krim, and so much more. We also have several varieties of peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumber, zucchini,- the list is almost endless.

Be sure to check out our class schedule, as we have free monthly classes on gardening. In January, we host a class on planting artichokes! The February's course will focus on planting potatoes in a barrel. For March, we show you how to plant your greens. So, Come on out, we are all friends here at Sal's, and we're eager to get you started with your very own backyard or patio garden.

After you finish cruising over our website, give us some feedback, and post your garden pictures on our facebook page. You can also ask questions there, and leave some of your own tips. We appreciate your business and also thank you for keeping it local. Happy Gardening.

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