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Growing Sugarcane in Your Garden

Sugar Cane is just plain Yummy! I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. I need to thank God more often that I grew up during those years.

Growing Sugarcane, sadly, is no longer a tradition. Just like Justin Timberlake claimed to bring, “Sexy Back”- I think we need to bring sugarcane back!

Every October, right around Halloween, my granddad would cut all of us young’ns a stick of sugarcane. We would chew on the stalks until we looked like a rabid dog with the juices all hanging out.

This year you are joining us in the tradition. I have enclosed sugarcane stalks for you to replant and taste!

Sugarcane grows nicely in a shallow raised bed. Four stalks would grow nicely in a two by three-foot bed, and the sides at least eight inches deep.

Click to watch our classes, especially the one on growing sugarcane.

Bury the stalks vertically four inches deep, spaced twelve inches apart.

If you already have some beds with greens (collards, cabbage, etc.), you can plant them in the back of the bed and next year let your beans grow up on them. They will not grow until next year- when the temperatures warm up.

Sugar Cane needs to be harvested before the frost, and we used to get our first frost around the first of November. It makes a nice treat or treat!

To eat, carefully use a sharp nice to peel off the outer layer. You can chew, or juice it. Don’t swallow the pulp- only swallow the juices.

I hope you are taking advantage of the online videos that we now have on our website. Be sure to watch the one on how to plant and eat sugarcane.

Thank you for sharing your garden adventure with us.


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