Purple, French & Rose Potatoes

February is a great time for planting some potatoes into the ground. The most common potatoes are the red and white, but did you know that they come in many different colors, sizes and shapes? How about try something different this year?

The Purple Majesty potato would be a shining crown when added to anyone's garden. This potato is, like most potatoes, are from South America. Although this purple variety of potato has a delicate name, it is quite hardy and disease resistant.

They also have some health benefits like lowering blood pressure, high vitamin C, and it contains a special enzyme that may help prevent blood clots. Purple potatoes are definitely a power food.

Another fun variety is the French Fingerling. It is a smaller, tender potato that is a pretty rosy pink on the inside, but bright yellow in the center with reddish freckles. They are best picked really early. Don't space these potatoes out when planting.

By growing them close together, they will not grow quite as large, giving you smaller potatoes with bursts of taste with every bite. Did you know that French Fingerling potatoes have been planted this way for 8000 years.

There are so many different types of potatoes to try. Another variety is the Terra Rosa. Doesn't that just sound so nice. I can picture myself in a foreign country, wind blowing in my hair, looking at up down stars, his hair blowing in the... ok, (blush, blush) let's get back to planting potatoes. The Terra Rose is scarlet on the outside and pink in the middle.